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Can Exercise Damage Your Teeth? Here’s How It Can

January 10, 2022

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man doing an exercise in Willowbrook

Most people today want to have an Instagram body and heading to the gym is a popular and definite way to get in shape. Although strengthening your body is sure to improve your lifestyle, you might be surprised to know that an intense exercise in Willowbrook can damage your teeth. How is this possible? Your local dentist can explain the reasons your teeth can become injured and ways you can prevent this.


How TikTok’s Toothless Princess Is Shattering the Stigma Around Dentures

December 13, 2021

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person holding an implant denture

People who wear dentures often feel ashamed of them. After all, there’s a stereotype that dentures are only for the elderly. Within the past couple of years, a mother in her thirties has been busting this myth wide open by posting videos on the app TikTok that showcase her implant dentures. Her videos have taken the Internet by storm and are breaking the stigma around full-arch tooth loss. Keep reading to learn more about TikTok’s “toothless princess” and how she’s sharing the benefits of implant dentures with the world!


Five of the Weirdest Dental Emergencies Ever

November 4, 2021

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Patient receiving emergency dental treatment.

A dental emergency can range from a severe toothache to a displaced tooth, and anything in-between.  In most cases, it’s best to contact your dentist as soon as you experience a dental emergency so they can treat you promptly. Most types of dental emergencies are common and experienced by many people; however, there are some dental emergency cases so bizarre and strange that they’re hard to believe! Keep reading to learn more about some of the weirdest dental emergencies ever.


What Would Make Me a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

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woman holding dental implant model

If you have missing teeth, a thorough investigation is going to lead you to a singular conclusion – that dental implants are the cat’s meow when it comes to your replacement options. But are they the cream of the crop for your oral health needs specifically?

From maintaining the shape of your face to restoring bite force to preventing bone loss, there are so many benefits with a commitment to dental implants. Keep reading to learn from your implant dentist in Willowbrook if you are a viable dental implant candidate.


Get Your Dental Crown Before the End of the Year – Here’s Why!

October 14, 2021

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Illustration of tooth wearing crown

Are you in need of a new dental crown for a damaged tooth? This might seem like an easy task to put off until 2022 comes around and your schedule clears up. However, you will be missing out on several different benefits of getting it before the year comes to a close. This restoration is crucial for the health of your smile, and getting it now can save your wallet. Continue reading to learn why you should get your new crown now and how your dental insurance plays a role in the process.


Why You Should Get Your Fillings Before the Year Comes to an End

October 1, 2021

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Dental fillings

No one looks forward to getting dental fillings, but this treatment isn’t meant to be a punishment. Fillings are sometimes necessary in order to prevent additional oral health issues from developing in the future, like tooth infections and tooth loss. If you have been told that you need a new filling, you should absolutely consider having this done before the year comes to an end. Continue reading to learn about additional issues and financial consequences that can come from waiting.


Is It Normal to Experience Sensitivity When Wearing Dental Implants?

August 14, 2021

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up-close image of dental implant on lower arch

Dental implants do not have nerves. Their material is not porous like regular tooth enamel, so they cannot decay. Then how is it possible that you are experiencing sensitivity in your dental implant? While this might seem like an impossible reality, the truth is that there are several reasons why you may be experiencing this uncomfortable feeling. A local dentist is here to share 4 potential causes of tooth sensitivity in dental implants and what you can do to reduce your risk from the beginning.


7 Foods You Can Eat After Dental Implant Surgery

July 31, 2021

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Man smiling while enjoying a meal with his wife

Whether you are missing one tooth or an entire arch of teeth, dental implants can seamlessly restore your smile and bite. In fact, thanks to their durable makeup and innovative design, you’ll be able to indulge in all of your favorite foods again – after you recover that is! To set yourself up for a complication-free recovery, keep reading to learn a few foods you can eat (as well as the ones you should avoid!) after dental implant surgery.


An Easy Guide to Common Dental Implant Terms

July 10, 2021

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Dentist pointing to model of dental implant

Each year, roughly 500,000 patients choose to address mild to severe tooth loss with dental implants. And it’s not hard to see why! After all, this state-of-the-art tooth-replacement option is well known for its lifelike appearance, hassle-free oral care, and unmatched longevity. With that being said, many patients are surprised when they don’t understand half of the terminology at their initial consultation with their implant dentist. That’s why we’re sharing a few popular dental implant terms you should know.


Do You Have a Constant Bitter Taste in Your Mouth? This Might Be Why

May 6, 2021

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We’ve all eaten or drank something that left us with a bitter aftertaste that usually goes away after some brushing or rinsing. Unfortunately, some people can’t seem to get rid of the taste no matter how much they’ve brushed or rinsed.

Does this sound like you? The bad taste in your mouth could be a sign of an underlying condition, and you should consult with your dentist as soon as possible to determine the cause. They may just chalk it up to a simple, everyday issue—but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Read on to learn more about the symptoms and causes of a persistent bitter taste in the mouth.