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Five of the Weirdest Dental Emergencies Ever

November 4, 2021

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Patient receiving emergency dental treatment.

A dental emergency can range from a severe toothache to a displaced tooth, and anything in-between.  In most cases, it’s best to contact your dentist as soon as you experience a dental emergency so they can treat you promptly. Most types of dental emergencies are common and experienced by many people; however, there are some dental emergency cases so bizarre and strange that they’re hard to believe! Keep reading to learn more about some of the weirdest dental emergencies ever.

1. The Home Garden

There was once a patient who scheduled an appointment because of a nagging toothache and pain in his gums. When he arrived and his dentist looked, they determined that a root canal was the only feasible solution. The dentist expected to see plaque and tartar during the procedure, but what he found was a small sprouting plant! It was later discovered that this was the result of a tomato seed that had gotten stuck and started growing—not a great spot for a home garden.

2. The D-I-Y Project

Perhaps to save a few bucks, or for some other insane reason, a patient once decided to drill into his own tooth instead of calling his dentist. After what was certainly a painful experience, the drill bit became stuck in his tooth. Of course, that’s when he went ahead and gave his dentist a call—but you should save all the drilling for your dentist. They have the proper tools and know-how.

3. So That’s Why They Call It Superglue

Superglue is not a super solution for oral health problems. A woman once had a crown fall out and instead of calling her dentist, she picked up a tube of superglue and got busy. Not only did she fail to replace her crown, but she also glued her teeth together and got glue stuck in her mouth and throat. If you lose a crown, call your dentist, and let them handle it!

4. Let’s Build a Bridge

If your teeth are neglected and go for too long without being properly cleaned, plaque and tartar can build up with ease. If this accumulation becomes serious, the buildup can actually connect to your teeth and gums in what’s called a calculus bridge. There’s record of a patient who had decided to aggressively brush their teeth to try to remove their calculus bridge, and their teeth began to fall out. After so many years of neglect, the calculus bridge was the only thing holding their teeth in place!

5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle… Your Crown?

When you lose a crown, you’re supposed to retrieve it and call your dentist as soon as possible. One patient waited a few days to do the latter, because she was first waiting for her dog, who’d swallowed her crown, to pass it. After retrieving the crown during one of their walks, she cleaned it off and brought it with her to the appointment. It’s good to reduce, reuse and recycle whenever possible, but sometimes it’s okay to simply replace something entirely—especially if it’s a dental crown that your dog has passed!

Dental emergencies can happen when you least expect them to, and they often happen when it’s very inconvenient! However, contacting your dentist immediately and receiving treatment can ensure that your situation doesn’t evolve into something quite weird.

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Song Dental proudly serves patients and families in the Willowbrook community under the leadership of Dr. Brian Song! Dr. Song received his dental doctorate from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry and has spent time volunteering his dental services with the MN Mission of Mercy, Common Hope in Antigua, Guatemala, and CMDA Global Health Outreach Missions in Beirut, Lebanon. He also currently serves as a Council Member of the Chicago CMDA chapter. If you have any questions for Dr. Song or would like to schedule a visit, feel free to contact him online or by phone: (630) 655-8781.

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